How The Bits Began

I began London Bitty after being reminded - via a rehearsal for a new singing gig I’d booked- just how much I love to dance. As someone who didn’t even own a pair of trainers for many years, dancing in heels was just how I wanted to do it. I had looked for heels classes and couldn’t really find any locally in West London. My sister suggested I start a class myself. Chin down eyebrows up “to teach who exactly? WHERE?!” was my immediate response.

My friends definitely don’t care about dancing I thought but.. some months later, I fashioned the following message in May of 2018 and sent it to 40 girls. 38 of them booked and came along over the following weeks and London Bitty was born:

Hey beaut 👑

(This is an essay so sorry in advance 😅)

So I’m finally getting my shit together for a new venture I’ve been thinking about for a minute. 😃😃😃

We all love to fling our (even make believe..possibly shop bought😬) hair around the place and crawl across the floor like a sexy cat to a slow song lol ( I know that ain’t just me 👀 You do it in your mind at least! 😈) Those of you that have known me from school/college days know I live for this learning dance routines with friends shit and I was only very recently reminded of this fact. Why did I ever stop? It’s like *so* much fun to me!

I have decided to start a class called London Bitty 🐾 (Paws are the temporal trademark emoji hahaha @londonbitty on Insta). A dance class for the sexy girl inside each of you.. whether she resides beneath a high bun, couple baggy tops and converse trainers or if she’s a suspenders-everyday-as-standard kinda girl. (I so wanna be that girl but it’s long init.. the fucking things are so hard to clip and they keep coming undone kmt😤)

We are going to learn some moves.. nothing too complicated (we won’t be pop and locking it or anything coz the Lord knows I can only pop my booty ha) More importantly, we are going to focus on execution of the moves and delivering them in a precise and controlled way. Everyone will have their own style and that is exactly what we want to develop. 🤩

From a fitness perspective it wont be  too strenuous but it will be a good fun workout. 🏃🏽‍♀️

From a confidence perspective, this is possibly more about confidence than it is about dance. It is really about you exploring your womanly expression; becoming more free and uninhibited in your body and about building confidence in it😻 It is an all-girl class so it will be girls learning and sharing and growing with girls #GirlPower 👯‍♀️

From a bedroom perspective.. well 🤷🏽‍♀️😈

Classes will be a 5-week programme  from 7:30-9pm beginning:

Monday 11th June and then

Monday 18th June

Monday 25th June

Monday 2nd July and finally

Monday 9th July

We will be getting dolled up and filming a YouTube dance style video (for those of you up for it.. although I sincerely hope it’s all of us) on week 5 so that we can perform the routine and really see our progress.

They will be held at:


Closest stations are: ******


Ps. Bring comfortable heels! 👠😁

Thanks babes 🐾😘💜


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